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Employment at Gravity Etc.

Working at a Gravity Etc is unlike any other work opportunity you will find. We’re not a gym, but we provide a full on workout environment where you can help people young and old get into shape. We’re not a sports arena, yet we offer league play and the opportunity for you to show our guests how to let out their inner Michael Jordan. We’re not your typical type of playground, but our visitors have more fun than they’ve ever had at a public venue. And we’re not a rigid schoolyard where our guests can’t show off some crazy acrobatics, yet we rely on you to ensure everyone knows their limits and jumps safely as possible.

We rely on our team to be the front line in our guest’s experience. Without the daily effort our dynamic team puts in, there would be no Gravity Etc.  We are currently fully staffed, but if you think you have what it takes to be an active member of our team, then follow the link below and apply.