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Your safety: Our #1 priority

Like any other sport, and even back yard trampolining, trampoline jumping carries a level of risk – it is your decision as to whether the benefits of jumping outweigh the risks. We have a comprehensive safety system to minimise the risks of an accident, developed around international industry best-practice. Safety is our number 1 priority, to ensure everyone has a fun time.

The following features have been put in place to ensure your safety:

  • Prior to jumping, everyone must agree to the Conditions of Entry – this confirms you have read, understand, and accept our safety rules, and accept the risk involved with jumping in our trampoline park.  Understanding the rules is beneficial to not only yourself, but also others around you.
  • Our rules and safety guidelines have been developed in conjunction with the equipment manufacturer, recognised safety experts, and the Australian Trampoline Parks Association, in line with world’s best practice.
  • To minimise the chance of dangerous situations, especially for inexperienced jumpers, we conduct a safety briefing at the beginning of each jump session, and have also clearly posted station rules at the entrance to each station.  These rules are for the safety of all, and are enforced by our floor staff.
  • We reserve the right to ask jumpers to leave the floor if rules and / or safety instruction issued by staff, is ignored.  This is a necessity to protect both yourself and others from any unnecessary risk.  

Some of the things we do to keep you safe:

What you need to do to stay safe: