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Trampoline Dodgeball League @ Gravity ETC

2020 Season is back in action

This League will resume in March for Term 1.  Register your interest on-line, or drop on into the centre to enquire or register.  Beginners welcome.  Individuals (we’ll find you a team) and Social or Corporate Teams (minimum 6 players) welcome. Late comers welcome.    All in the name of fun and fitness.   Minimum age 12 years.  

Thursday nights from 6pm to 8pm.  In between games, teams are welcome to enjoy the remainder of the trampoline park for training or fun.  Spectators welcome. 

BONUS!  pay upfront as an active, financial,  competing member, and be eligible for free “training” jumps during the registered season dates.  (conditions apply).

Individual team member :  $50 registration upfront and $10 per session night which runs for two hours, (or a one off  $125 if paid upfront).  

Got a question?  Feel free to contact us for more info: 

Stay in touch?  You’ll find our Dodgeball League on Facebook and instagram


Trampoline Dodgeball League


  • Each match consists of the best 5 of 8 games within the allotted 6-8 minute match time
  • YOU ARE OUT if you are hit by a live ball, or throw a live ball that is caught by an opposing player or cross the centre line
  • You may catch the ball with any body part (between legs included)
  • The winning team of each game is the team with the last remaining team member on the court or the team with the most team members left on the court when the time limit expires


  • The end of season dodgeball league championship is played at each term, line-up is based on season points.
  • Prize money and trophies are presented during the end of Season Wind-up, directly after End of Season Championship.
  • Matches will run for between 6-8 minutes except for grand finals series
  • Every team plays at least 2 matches a night, playing two opposing league teams
  • All Matches are a best 5 of 8 game format, except for the final series, which will be a best 7 of 12. Match rounds are based on a round robin bracket method. (The exact format of the round robin depends upon how many teams register and participate)
  • Each Team must be fully assembled and prepared to play at the designated start time and location for each Match in which it is assigned to


  • Upon completion of a match, the winning team will receive 2 points, a draw will receive 1 point and a loss will be 0 points. 


  • Teams are encouraged, but not required, to wear matching uniforms (e.g., jerseys/shirts, shorts, headbands, wristbands, arm sleeves, leggings, etc.). Team colours must be approved by Gravity ETC and or GETCDBL president.  Safety first:  uniforms must not limit a Team Member’s safety in any way, as determined by discretion of Gravity ETC Officials.
  • A team may wear uniforms and may have small banners or signs that bear the name and/or commercial symbol of any entity that is sponsoring the Team. 
  • All Team Members must wear approved Gravity ETC socks (at Team Members’ cost) during each game. No other socks, shoes, footwear or bare feet will be permitted.


  • The cash prize for winning any one of the 3 individual seasons is $250.00.
  • The name of each Season League Championship  winning team will be engraved on Gravity ETC Dodgeball Championship trophy, which is housed at the Gravity ETC trophy case or other similar display.
  • Each cash prize is to be divided equally among the Team Members at the discretion of the team captain, as listed on the Team’s Registration Form submitted to Gravity ETC in connection with the GETCDBL.

Dodgeball Season 1
Grand Final:

Register Your Interest for future seasons:

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Trampoline Dodgeball League

Watch some mad adrenaline fuelled action in this space!!  Not for the faint-hearted, these Olympic sized performance trampolines are for the experienced among us.  Walk the wall, crank out some tricks, show us how it’s done!