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Gravity Etc?  Its about FUN!

Located in Dalyellup – off Bussell Highway, approx 5 mins south of Bunbury, and only 20 ish minutes onwards to Busselton.  Gravity Etc is a purpose built facility, designed to suit the location, purpose and community.  #thingstodowithkids #familyfun #thingstodo #bunburywa

Opened in 2016, Gravity Etc covers 2000sqm, home to 1800 sqm of trampoline floor area, with 7 different activity zones, plus 200sqm mezzanine level,  parent retreat, café, and lift.   Disability and special needs friendly, Gravity Etc is not a franchise, and is locally created, owned and operated. 

Our vision

To provide a centre for FUN, health and community mindfulness that benefits our ever growing population of local youth, families, and community groups.  

 Somewhere that anyone, regardless of their background, age and ability could HAVE FUN!, feel comfortable, socially connected, active and empowered.  Increasing opportunities for networking, new friendships, challenges and a sense of belonging, in a drug and alcohol free environment that encourages active activity, face to face socialisation, is inclusive, and stands by the “Choose Respect” code of behaviour, and is so much fun, you don’t even know you’re exercising!

A world class family and youth venue for everyone living in or visiting the Southwest and built for youth, community and FUN!

We are a socially responsible, unique tourist attraction, as well as a dynamic, safe, hub for local youth to gather, an energetic family space, a caring space for community, and a Tumbling & Trampoline coaching facility.  We motivate our staff, our athletes, and our guests, to be their best, always  – by providing a stable, fun, safe, encouraging, respectful environment – an essential ingredient for fulfilled, healthy, balanced youth. 

“Creating possibilities for youth and community” is the foundation of our business.

With drug addiction, teen suicide, youth isolation, reclusiveness, bullying, depression, family breakdowns, and childhood obesity on the rise here in the South West – we felt youth were becoming more dis-associated from family, friends, values and passion, and adults were becoming disconnected from their children due to health, time constraints, depression and frustration.

Some kids don’t have the motivation, or social skills to just get out and enjoy life, and not every parent has the time or will power to encourage their kids to get off the couch, or technology, creating a disconnected generation of youth – youth more susceptible to wayward behaviour, addictions, loneliness, and mental health issues. 

With limited family facilities for the people of Bunbury, the Greater Bunbury Region, and the South West region as a whole, Gravity Etc was invented as part of a solution, for a widespread problem. 

Staff are trained in “Fish Philosophy”:   “Be There, Play, Make Their Day, Choose Your attitude” 

Training also includes “safety on the court”, guest experience, and how to make our park a safe, fun and engaging place, as well as regular:

  • senior first aid or renewals,
  • “treating breaks and sprains” first aid coaching
  • confidence training in effectively assisting children and adults, as well as delivery “safety speech’s”,
  • “Spot the risks” training, assisting the prevention of incidents
  • Team Building workshops

With a 100% “open door” policy, we teach our young staff the importance of integrity, responsibility, safety, leadership, guest experience – and accountability.  Important skills they can take forward into their future work life, and home life.