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Online Waiver of Liability

At Gravity Etc, we take your safety seriously. However, we cannot control all risks, and some activities such as trampolining are inherently dangerous. Risks can be caused by you or by your fellow jumpers which we cannot always control.

By purchasing a ticket to use our facilities on this site, you are AGREEING to the terms set out below, including the Assumption of Liability, Terms and Conditions of Sale, and the Rules of Use. If you do not agree, you are unable to participate. PLEASE CONTACT GRAVITY ETC TO ORGANISE A REFUND.

Risks – injury, death, financial loss

There is a risk that users of our facilities may suffer physical injuries such as muscle injuries, broken bones, concussion, back and neck injuries, paralysis and even death.
It is possible that such injuries may cause emotional and mental injury, and may affect your ability to work or enjoy other aspects of life.
There is risk that users of our facilities may suffer financial loss, including medical and hospital expenses and loss of income.
In a worst case scenario, there is a risk that users of our facilities could suffer injuries which result in death or substantial disability, and financial losses resulting from medical treatment and loss of income.

Assumption of Liability and Terms and Conditions of Sale

Aside from certain liability which we accept as detailed in the Terms and Conditions of Sale, it is a condition of us allowing you to use our facilities that you accept responsibility for:

  1. your own safety, and
  2. loss, damage, injury or death which you may suffer as a result of using our facilities.

The full details of your assumption of liability and your release of us from liability are contained in the Terms and Conditions of Sale here. We will not let you use our facilities unless you read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale.


We have Rules of Use of our facilities which are available here and are displayed at the entrance to our premises. It is a condition of use of our facilities that you read and obey those Rules.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs impair co-ordination and perception. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you to use our facilities while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (other than prescription drugs), regardless of level of consumption. If you take prescription drugs, you should obtain medical advice on the effect of those drugs on your co-ordination, perception and health and make your own assessment as to whether it is safe (for you and other users) to use our facilities.

Health and Fitness

For those of us who are older than we once were, we might not be in the peak physical condition we were once in! Trampolining can be strenuous physical activity (more so than it might look), and if you are unsure about your health, you should obtain a medical assessment before using our facilities. Strenuous physical activity can cause health issues, even in people who appear to be in good physical condition.


If you buy tickets to use our facilities for another person (including a person under 18), you will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale on their behalf. You should think carefully about the consequences of waiving or limiting that person’s legal rights against us. You may incur personal liability to that person, including for any injury or death of that person. You may also incur personal liability to us for the conduct of that person or in relation to injury or death suffered by them for which we are not responsible.

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