Gravity Fitz

Interested in post pandemic fitness?  A bit of Iso Fitness Recovery?  We dont know when that will be, or how it will look – but we do have low impact, fun, lymphatic system shaking fitness programs and extreme sanitisiation measures in place, and the ability to ensure social distancing – you can register your interest for our new Iso Recovery Fitness classes here, or stay tuned on our facebook page. 

Trampolining has so many benefits, including improving pelvic floor and core by engaging and strengthening these muscles during every movement, shaking up those happy hormones, improving flexibility and co-ordination, increasing fast twitch muscle fibre, improving bone density which reduces the risk of injury in other sports and activities, benefits to the lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system … the list goes on.  Don’t believe me?  Google it, and read about it for yourself.   

Best Tip?  Start low and slow, no-ones there to judge, everyone else is busy on their own fitness journey (or if you’re me – trying to breathe!).  With many options to adapt each exercise to suit your current fitness needs – you really can work out at your own level, with inspiration and encouragement from our other class members and instructor, and feel yourself improve every week.  

Some of our Fitz fanatics drive 30 mins to get here, 3 times a week.  They all started at the same point – never having jumped before.  Three years on – I am amazed by every one of them, and so proud!!  Empowered, happy, energetic, fit and flexible in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s and 60’s.  These guys show me that age is NOT a good excuse to be unfit, and that FUN is not just for the kids.

Ultimately, you can burn up to 1000 calories an hour, but blah blah – thats just numbers, and who’s counting?  so really – if you’re after fun, encouragement, fitness, flexibility, energy, and support – jump into our strength and rebounding workout that is suitable for all fitness levels.  

Gravity Fitz really can help you become the “you”, you want to be, and lets face it, time waits for no man (or woman).  So what do you have to lose?   (apart from inflexibility and immobility later in life, excess weight, low vibes, or fear).   

All YOU need to do, is start the journey!   


 What to bring:

  • Gravity grip socks (can be purchased at Gravity Etc or on-line and are yours to keep)
  • A water bottle (or water can be purchased with refill station available upstairs) 
  • Towel
  • A “can do” attitude

What does it cost

  • Memberships from $14.95 pw for unlimited classes
  • Casual Visits $18pp
  • 10 jump Multipass – can be used for fitness or general jumps – $15 per session
  • Express Fitz – Worried that you wont make it thru an hour?   No time? Then try Express Fitz – every Tuesday 3:30 and Wednesday 5:30 in the school term for $7.  Even better – you can to bring the kids to jump for $7 also, while you work out!    

What our visitors are saying…

Gravity Fitz
  • Its my sons "other home"

    “I love that my son Harvey has such a passion for trampolining and Gravity, it teaches him amazing skills, and especially how to land them  safely. It also teaches him discipline and everyone involved are such great mentors for him.   It’s my sons other home”.

    Chelsea Brown - Dalyellup
    Tech Skillz Parent
  • I have a great time, its such a giggle

    “I drive up from Busselton to Fitz classes, 3 times a week, sometimes 4.  I’m more toned, I get a lot of compliments about it.  I have a great time, its such a giggle.  I Love it.  I really love it”

    Kym, Busselton
    Gravity Fitz Legend
    Gravity Fitz
  • Great for my mobility, and friendship

    “As an older person, with arthritis, its been great for my mobility, and friendship.  I enjoy coming – I take classes 4 times a week.  I have been coming to Gravity Fitz classes every week, for over 2 years” 

    Rhonda - Dalyellup
    Gravity Fitz Legend
  • "A safe, encouraging, team of friends"

    “Being part of the Tech Skillz team is not only a whole lot of fun, it’s also  fantastic training by very qualified coaches. It is also, from a parents perspective, a safe, encouraging, all embracing no matter what the skill level – team of friends. That makes the whole experience positive for the child, and the parents.  Gravity Etc is definitely my daughters happy place to be, as is my son who is a part of the Dodgeball League.”

    Annette Fradelos - Dalyellup
    Tech Skillz Parent
  • A great atmosphere

    “Took the kids for my eldest surprise birthday with a few mates and they all had a ball, even I went back to get my own socks to join in. Definitely a great atmosphere, all staff were friendly and professional. Will definitely be back to tire the kids out”

    Megan - via Google
  • I've never found anything that compares

    “I love it so much, you just have fun and don’t realise you’re really pushing yourself hard.  Its safer, I feel like I am cushioned in my exercise, so nothing really gets hammered.  It makes me feel free’er in my body. For lymphatic drainage, I’ve never found anything that compares.    I would highly recommend it – to anyone.”

    Emma, Dalyellup
    Gravity Fitz Legend
  • Gravity Tech Skillz has improved my confidence

    “Joining the Tech Skillz Elite classes has provided me with lots of opportunities, and has made me much more confident, not only with tramp but with life in general.  Its a really great community, everyone is really nice & supportive.”

    Dunstin - Eaton
    Tech Skillz Elite
  • Staff are always happy to see me

    “I love going to this place even if I’m dead tired. Always a lot of fun and the staff are always happy to see me, I love bouncing in “the edge” and watching people try amazing things… then trying them myself.   Thanks Gravity, keep up the good work 

    Liam - via Facebook
  • It teaches you to become more confident, patient, and determined

    “Tech Skillz Elite is giving me opportunities and is teaching me valuable life lessons. It teaches you how to become more confident, patient and determined. The atmosphere is great, everyone is there to learn and improve, by working hard.”

    Caitlin - Albany
    Tech Skillz Elite
    15 years
  • Absolutely outstanding service

    “Absolutely outstanding service was received today, for our daughters 7th birthday celebrations. From the initial inquiry process to the day of the party – the communication was on point, the instructions were clear and everything was made incredibly easy! The day of the party we were greeted with smiles, a beautifully made up room and a party host! Surprise! The service continued to just get better! Thank you Shannon and your wonderful team! Birthday girl and her friends had an amazing time!! 5 stars � amazing!!”

    Luci - via facebook
    Birthday Parties
  • Kids had a blast!!

    “Kids had a blast!! staff were friendly and helpful, facilities neat and clean”

    Liz - via Facebook
  • Great visibility

    “Kids had a ball, and great visibility for the parents to watch the fun”.

    Sandra - via Facebook
  • A place to stop on the way down south

    “Kids loved it – staff and facilities were exceptional! Definitely recommend as a place to stop on the way down south!”

    Goopy Loopy - via Google Reviews
  • A great, healthy environment

    “such a great healthy environment …. staff are wonderful as usual …”

    Melinda - via Facebook
  • A happy place for all ages

    “Fun Friendly safe & great staff, a happy place to be for all ages”

    Maureen - via facebook
  • What more could kids want!

    Tahnee - via Facebook
  • Friendly, stress free, fun environment

    “We’ve been bringing our kids here since Gravity opened. They love it! Our daughter Emma joined the Tech Skillz program last September & hasn’t looked back. She’s learning new skills in a friendly, stress free & fun environment. The staff & coaches are so relaxed & supportive. Laurie, the head coach is great with all the kids. Emma loves him! Highly recommend the program for any age or skill level. ????”

    Adrian Isaacson
    Tech Skillz Parent
  • Supportive and caring

    “The team are so supportive and caring. They take you in like you’re a part of their big family.   Gravity Tech has been such an amazing part of my sons life and we thank all the fantastic team for making it available to our locals.   We feel very lucky to be part of the Gravity family. I would recommend it to anyone. Come join this amazing team.”

    Theresa Stafford
    Tech Skillz Parent
  • Kids had a ball

    “Absolutely amazing, kids had a ball and the staff were wonderful, will definitely be back”

    Kassy - via Facebook
  • 5 Star

    “5 Star.  Clean, well organised, staff supervision and last but not least they sell good coffee upstairs.  Nice work ?”

    Jon - via Facebook
  • With kids, or by yourself!

    “Go here everytime me and the wife visit Bunbury with friends, under $20 for a 1hr jump, friendly staff, good cafe upstairs and clean facilities. 
    Staff are always willing to give you tips. Recommend going for a jump with kids or by yourselves! ” 

    Johnny - via Trip Advisor
  • Amazing place, amazing staff

    “Amazing place, amazing staff. We were invited to a kid birthday party last year and become regulars after that. My son loves jumping and playing with the other kids. I can’t jump because of a knee issue but I enjoy the comfy seats on the platform or the food and drinks at the café. How can I give 10 stars for the staff? ?”

    Ermal - via Google
  • A great vibe

    “Our daughters birthday was a massive success. The friendly staff & excellent facilities have got us hooked on coming back. This place has a great vibe with all the staff going over & above!! Highly recommend for a group/family/birthday or solo jump. You wont be disappointed!” 

    Tobi - via Google